"In my experience, throughout college and now as working professional in the field of Natural Resources, your success is dependent on the environment you place yourself in and the people you surround yourself with. The Natural Resources Career Track Program provides you with the building blocks that are required in order to create a solid foundation to pursue a career in the Natural Resource field. During my college experience, this program provided me with the opportunity to attend multiple Natural Resource and National Leadership development conferences. With this I was able to build my network, and experience what it was going take to reach my long-term goals in this career field. The NRCT program pushed me to step far outside of my comfort zone and embrace new opportunities. I was surrounded with amazing people and mentors who waned me to succeed in all aspects of life. I attribute a lot of my success thus far, to the skills I learned and the support I received from this program."

- Diego Ortiz

"Because of the NRCT, I was able to get my first wildlife summer internship where I got hands on experience working with a local, endemic chipmunk. It also helped me pay for my application for the National Student Exchange and I will now be doing an exchange with the University of Montana this coming year. Now finishing my sophomore year, I will be working with the US Forest Service primarily conducting Mexican Spotted Owl Surveys and gaining even more experience. The NRCT has helped me build my resume and has helped me given me an early solid foundation for my career in wildlife."

- Thomas Serrano

"I was a member of the NRCT program as a MS student in Wildlife Ecology. NRCT gave me the opportunity to engage with other students and professionals in my field, attend conferences and workshops, and carry out leadership activities. I am now in southern Arizona working as a wildlife technician for the USFS."

- Catie Porro

“The NRCT Program highly encourages students to achieve their best both within and outside the school setting. With the program’s strong focus on leadership and guidance, students will not only find support from the program ambassadors and leads, but also within its students. This is a characteristic not all mentorship programs can achieve. Plus the lifelong friends and colleagues you meet along the way make it all the better!”

- Arthur Anaya

"I was welcomed into the NRCT family at NMSU in 2014. Being part of this program showed me the importance of having a support system during college. The training and experiences I received while in the program prepared me for and influenced my decision to complete a masters degree in forest ecosystems and society. I currently work in my community as a middle school Earth science teacher and encourage my students to explore the natural world around them, just as my teachers and mentors in the program have done for me."

- Sativa Cruz

"As a member of the NMSU Southwest NRCT program, I have received countless opportunities to participate in resume workshops and network with professionals at conferences. This program has allowed me to gain invaluable experience through internships with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and with wildlife biologists to study Western Bluebirds. The instruction that I received from the program's mentors and fellow members also provided me with the knowledge to design my own project while working with Western Burrowing Owls in Arizona. Students that are involved in this program acquire relevant skills that make them more competitive for careers in the natural resources fields."

- Jadzia Rodriguez

''I have been a member of the Southwest NRCT program at NMSU since 2016, and I truly cannot thank this program enough. Under the mentorship and resources provided by this program, I have been able to intern and gain experience with different federal agencies like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey. In addition, thanks in large part to the support of NRCT, I have been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of wildlife species ranging from prairie dogs and elk, to loggerhead sea turtles. Without the guidance and advice provided by the program, I seriously doubt that I would be able to have attained the experience and work-related skill set that I now possess. This program has been such a blessing, and there is no doubt in my mind that every mentor involved truly wants what is best for every student!''

- Cristian Hernandez

Sea Turtle
Picture of NRCT member Cristian Hernandez working with sea turtles during an NRCT funded summer internship.